Catit Play-Scratch Pad, Bee, And Ball-Red

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Catit Play 3-in-1 track with ball and scratch board, red, 36 cm (14 in)

The 3-in-1 Circuit with Ball is a toy designed to give your cat hours of fun. The 3-in-1 interactive toy includes: a scratch board, a ball track, a tumble bee and catnip.

Made of cardboard, the scratching board fits in the center of the track and encourages your cat to scratch on it instead of on your furniture. In addition, the ball on the track excites your feline and encourages him to chase it. The tumble bee, on the other hand, appeals to your cat's natural hunting instincts and encourages your cat to tap and capture it. Finally, when the included catnip is sprinkled on the toy, it arouses your feline's curiosity.

Also available in other colors and styles.


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